Impact Advisors works with organizations to craft forward-looking, adaptive, and regenerative business and social strategies.

If you are a founder who wants to focus on mission, a partner who wants to scale, or an investor who needs reliable growth, Impact Advisors partners with you to provide structure, strategic organisational and issue development, and substantive reach. We add value immediately and help you scale your organisation and business model for impact.


As political and economic fields move faster and become more interdependent, within and across domains, organizational performance depends on understanding and designing for intangible factors and complex models of interaction. Environmental and social dimensions are increasingly integral to such models. Leadership in this context requires extraordinary systemic sense-making capacities and new skills – from understanding new markets and possibilities for strategic collaboration to retooling management processes and products.

These challenges demand new approaches and systems, but retooling is risky and costly. How to factor regeneration into brands and operations will increasingly differentiate leading from lagging enterprises. Generating clear plans and higher levels of certainty about anticipated changes are essential. IA adds value by working with you to analyze and make sense of your challenges now and in the future; generate plans that are holistic, systemic, and aligned with your objectives and resources; and executing organizational strategies that are integrated and adaptive.

Impact Advisors (IA) partners with you to generate the depth of thought and clarity that are necessary to move ahead. We provide analysis and processes that enable you to make sense of emerging futures and we help you to re-conceive the possibilities, reframe value propositions and resources, and plan and implement internal and external strategies that enable you to succeed.

As lifetime advocates that have worked to empower organisations to advance their strategic interest in the context of the public interest, we are experienced in working in networks and across boundaries with companies, civil society, and government bodies, making sense of complex issues, redefining strategy, and organising for action. Grounded in years of experience helping stakeholders pursue sustainable development objectives, Impact Advisors is working ahead with innovators at the edge of the movement for regenerative development.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Impact Advisors brings decades of experience in international processes, from working at the interface of business and diplomacy to engaging global networks in field-wide change initiatives.

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Rethinking Impact

Many mission based organizations, businesses, and government actors understand that a rapidly changing and more complex operating environment will require new navigational capabilities, re-conceiving how to generate impact through knowledge and networks, and the human and technical systems needed to launch and sustain such efforts.

Mission based organizations

Social impact and public facing firms often have the entrepreneurial drive and substantive expertise to come to market or to restructure for social impact. But building an organisational and external impact structure to build on these assets requires skill sets and processes that many organisations do not have in place.

Partnering with organisations to sharpen priorities and generate programmatic strategies, IA works with teams and partnerships to identify high-impact initiatives that are aligned with their missions, clients, and investors.

Executive teams and directors work with IA to align governance and management practices to their mission and business model in order to build trust and credibility.

Newly established Geneva offices engage IA to move into action quickly and responsibly, identifying priorities and performance metrics, impact strategies, funding, and communications plans.


  • Impact strategies from sharpening product / market fit to strategic planning
  • Multi-stakeholder and consultative processes
  • Advocacy and networking strategies
  • Funding and resource strategies
  • Performance design and reporting
  • Technology integration and management
  • Governance and accountability design
  • Office establishment and interim management

businesses and governments

Businesses and governments understand that they need to identify emerging sustainability and regenerative opportunities and shift stakeholder relations from passive to strategic assets. IA works with companies across a range of business functions to design strategies that intersect with the rapidly moving environment in which they must compete.

IA provides facilitated organizational and cross-sectoral processes that build cross-firm knowledge and capacity. We assist executives entrusted with advancing company initiatives and branding on regenerative issues sharpen focus and generate meaningful strategic change. IA also convenes groupings of fellow business actors and global experts to develop knowledge and capacities that accrue to firms and the field.

IA conducts strategic market analysis and facilitated processes for firms in the context of emerging opportunities in regenerative development. Such analysis may include sectoral, technological, and regulatory scenarios that enable firms to understand the opportunities and risks of action.


  • Sustainability and regeneration strategies
  • Consultative issue processes within and across companies
  • Engagement and partnership strategies
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Andrew CROSBY brings 20+ years of experience in starting and building ventures that empower actors to pursue their interests in the context of the public interest in the domains of international economic policy, nonprofits and philanthropy, and electoral politics.

He enables teams and stakeholders to make sense of complex organisational and strategic challenges and excels in bridging diverse actors and shifting global narrative.

Drawing on a global network of government, business, and civil society experts, he has a lifelong focus on sustainability and regeneration, contributing strategic management skills in combination with substantive experience to assist teams and stakeholder groups in finding new direction and shared values within and across domains.


Impact Advisors is integrated into international policy networks engaging on economic governance, sustainable and regenerative development, and peace and security issues in Geneva and globally.

Andrew is a member of the Ecosystem Activation team of the Global Regeneration CoLab an international network of innovators dedicated to moving beyond sustainable development to mutually enriching social, economic and environmental systems. He is a fellow at the Asian Trade Centre, based in Singapore. He is a mentor and participant in the Hatch CoLab, an accelerated for tech-enabled impact ventures. He is a former Executive in Residence at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.